Welcome to Leonardo Da Vinci

Ristorante Italiano

*The Leonardo Da Vinci restaurant team is delighted to present a traditional Italian cuisine which blends perfectly with the naturally exotic environment of our idyllic tropical island of Phuket.
*The concept of the restaurant is driven by a variety of tasteful, creative and artistic talents, that are expressed through the cuisine, wine, garden, music, art and overall dining experience.
We believe Italian cuisine to be full of comfort, warmth and many of the feelings of home such as dependability, tradition and joy. The adventurous side of our minds leads us to discover and indulge in the natural and undiscovered parts of Phuket and its bounteous local produce. Combined with the very finest imported ingredients and cooked and served to perfection, this makes up our vision and culinary passion and is what we would like to share with you.
*The fundamental philosophy of our cuisine features clean, fresh and healthy raw ingredients that we blend in combinations to nurture the body and entertain the soul.
Our adventurous Chef and the purpose-driven team of young professionals who create the restaurant’s atmosphere, proudly present the cuisine, congeniality and ambience that define our unique hidden gem on Phuket’s fine dining scene.
*Just a step from our fine dining area you can also taste and shop in our boutique delicatessen venue. Our guests are attracted by a vast selection of fresh “tapas size” gourmet treats and tempted by a rich list of Mediterranean and organic wines, served by both the glass and bottle.
Our cooking emphasizes both creativity and a wide variety of tastes, making up our unique culture that we would like to share with you as the essence of our existence.
The best way to know more about us is to come “visit, taste and experience” and later, we feel sure, you will come back for more!

Our Team

The Leonardo Da Vinci restaurant team comprises a group of young and talented professionals who are gastronomic enthusiasts. Embracing and building upon our cultural and national diversity, we all cultivate a passion for divine Italian and Mediterranean cuisine complemented by fine wines.
Our aim is to make our guests feel special through our welcoming service, creative and tasteful cuisine, vibrant tropical garden atmosphere and overall dining experience.


Leonardo Da Vinci Kata Restaurant

Tastefully designed with wood decking, cooling waterfalls, a white overhead canopy and lush vegetation, the Italian dining experience admirably

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Leonardo Da Vinci Kata Restaurant

This gorgeous and modern interior design Leonardo Da Vinci Kata Restaurant serves a choice of authentic and toothsome Italian food. You can find this inviting atmosphere restaurant in a strategic location, just a few minutes stroll from Kata Noi Beach, right at the front area of Kata Gardens Apartments. – See more at: http://www.phuket.net/directory/restaurants-cafes/leonardo-da-vinci-kata-restaurant/#sthash.umNRdEBN.dpuf